myboshi No.3

myboshi No.3: 100% Merino wool for crocheting and knitting

The myboshi no. 3 is made from 100% pure Merino. Merino wool is a natural product of the highest quality and is therefore functional and cuddly at the same time: it is particularly soft and does not scratch, is light, elastic, robust, breathable and keeps you nice and warm. Including 1 myboshi label per 3 balls.

About Merino Wool
The merino fiber can absorb around 30% of its own weight in moisture and still does not feel damp. Since the high-quality wool is breathable, moisture is wicked away to the outside. Unpleasant (sweat) odors are naturally neutralized by the merino wool. Merino does not pill or scratch. Because of its great properties, this renewable raw material has proven itself for functional clothing in the outdoor area. But it is also excellently suited for soft, cuddly winter blankets.

The natural material offers no breeding ground for bacteria. It remains germ-free and is odorless even after prolonged wear. Merino wool has a self-cleaning effect that is stimulated by simply airing it in a damp room. And if the hat does need to be washed, hand washing at 40° with a mild wool detergent is recommended.

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