myboshi No.5

myboshi wool no. 5 "soul yarn" - no more snagging, everything runs smoothly

The soul yarn myboshi no. 5 is not only loved by children, beginners and "left hands", experienced craftsmen also appreciate its unique, innovative structure. The yarn does not split when crocheting and knitting, but glides gently along fingers and needles.

This is made possible by a hard-wearing polyamide core that guarantees durability and high dimensional stability. A "cover" made of high-quality cotton threads absorbs moisture, making the yarn soft and elastic. The yarn is inexpensive and yet light, high-quality and very versatile to process.

The wool keeps you warm, but not too much. It is therefore particularly suitable for hats and scarves that are worn in the transitional period or during sports. Amigurumis, Boshigurumis, bags and decorative items can also be crocheted and knitted with them.

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